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Re: Selinux setup and subsequent fixits

+++ Krishna Raman [12/03/13 11:09 -0400]:
Adam offered to work on these docs but he has been busy with the release.
He will be starting on it again soon.

Yeah, I just talked with Adam and it sounds like it would be best to
just post what we have instead of waiting until we have it completely
finished and tested.  If anything it won't be less broken than the
current 'build-your-own' doc.

John, so you are aware the plan is to make the 'build-your-own' doc
Fedora centric and create a RHEL/CentOS port of the doc hosted on the
wiki.  It definitely sounds like you have a fairly solid grasp on what
is needed for running Origin on RHEL/derivatives so if you think you
could help out we would greatly appreciate it.



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Subject: Re: Selinux setup and subsequent fixits

+++ John Reuning [11/03/13 17:20 -0400]:
In case anyone is interested, here's a change to the selinux config
section of the build your own docs that helped make my scl-ified
broker happy.  This may apply if you're using rhel/centos instead of

   /sbin/fixfiles -R ruby193-rubygem-passenger restore
   /sbin/fixfiles -R ruby193-mod_passenger restore
   /sbin/restorecon -rv /opt/rh/ruby193/root/usr/share/gems/gems/passenger-*

I've also noticed that I have to rerun all of the restorecon and
fixfiles commands after almost every package update.  Most recently,
it was "restorecon -rv /cgroup" on the nodes to fix cgred inotify avc
errors.  Is this continual selinux breakage normal?

The cgred AVC is now fixed in the RHEL 6 selinux-policy.  As for the
fixfiles/restorecon changes there is a pending overhaul for the
OpenShift Origin 'build-your-own' document.

Krishna, do you know when the new docs will be published?



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