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disable cgroups pull requests: resolution?

I have three related pull requests outstanding related to optional cgroups:

1) https://github.com/openshift/origin-dev-tools/pull/36

  Allow accept-node to pass with warnings

2) https://github.com/openshift/li/pull/916

  Allow accept-node to pass with warnings

3) https://github.com/openshift/origin-server/pull/1436

  Enable/Disable cgroups in /etc/openshift/node.conf.  accept-node warns when disabled.

Unfortunately they're in a chicken-egg state I think.

The problem stems from two factors:
  * I insisted on putting a warning in oo-accept-node if cgroups is disabled
  * The tests in origin-dev-tools and li only accept "^PASS$" as output from oo-accept-node.

If I can get the first two pull requests merged, then the third will pass.

The original reason for these was that cgroups on F18 were causing kernel panics. Krishna needed a way to proceed without it blocking, but the kernel folks were quicker than me.

I've rebased all three to current one last time.  Should I just cancel them? How would I get them accepted in order so that they will all pass?

Is it still needed?

- Mark

Mark Lamourine <markllama redhat com>
Sr. Software Developer, Cloud Engineering
Red Hat, 314 Littleton Road, Westford MA 01886
Voice: +1 978 392 1093
markllama @ irc://irc.freenod.org*lopsa

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