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Re: A case for layered development/build/test/deployment tools.


I like where this is going.  In case someone is collecting data
points, here are my use cases.

* I have a pilot project for an on-prem instance running on centos 6,
which means I'm building from source.  I hacked the dev tools code but
would like to not maintain a fork.
* All my yum repos are local.  I can't use the yum configs written by
the dev tools, and I can't use external repos directly.
* I don't have a cloud and need to reuse the build server.  Puppet
ensures the dependencies exist on the build server.  It would be nice,
however, if the dev tools could validate the build environment and
just report the results.
* I also want to build origin as a regular user, which means the dev
tools shouldn't run yum commands.
* The destination yum repo for origin rpms is external to the build
server, so I don't need to write the rpms to a local repo and install
the newly-built rpms on the build server.
* I like the idea of using mock and other fedora build tools, but I
don't have the time to set that up.  I'd prefer the origin dev tools
not require the fedora build tools.



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