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documentation and platform support status


Short version :

- Thanks for this project !
- If we want to build our own PaaS with Openshift, what the best way
to install and maintain it, and on what Linux distro (or livecd/virtual appliance) ?
- Where is the main or the most up to date website for Openshift open
source documentation ?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Longer Version follows: :)

We have since last summer a private PoC of openshift running on
CentOS6, and installed mainly with this documentation :


Since the removal of the below-documented repository


And after a few yum repo tests on different paths under https://mirror.openshift.com/pub

I'm a bit lost :
- where's the main documentation site
- what is platform support status. CentOS6/RedHat6 doesn't seem to work anymore

For what I've found :

On this documentation :


Fedora 16 is targeted 

With last updates on :


work seems to have moved on ruby 1.9 and Fedora 17

And Fedora projet on


indicates that target system is Fedora 19


Laurent Steff

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