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template directory structure


following the PHP public dir discussion 

I was thinking of the base cartridge template (and thus also quickstarts) directory
structure. What I think would be simplest and most clear command to deploy any
PHP framework to the OpenShift:

$ rhc app create drupal php-5.3 mysql-5.1 cron --from-code=git://github.com/drupal/drupal.git

Meaning that I'm able to deploy any upstream source code right away without any
of the OpenShift glue files, such as:


What I propose is putting all of the OpenShift config files to the .openshift/
directory, so the git root directory is always "clear" and compatible with upstream:
<UPSTREAM FILES> (could be misc/, libs/ etc.)

What would be the long-term benefit of this? The upstreams would be able to
maintain their own .openshift/ directory themselves and there would be no need
of "<upstream>-quickstart.git" repos! => NO LOCK-IN

I'm looking forward your opinions on this.

- Vojtech

Vojtech Vitek
Red Hat, Inc.
Brno, Czech Rep.
GSM: +420608260892

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