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Re: deplist.txt

On Wed, 27 Mar 2013, Vojtech Vitek wrote:

> Hi,
> deplist.txt in case of PHP is handling PEAR dependencies right now.
> Hovewer, it should be able to handle also the PECL dependencies -
> PECL are not just PHP files like PEAR libraries, but rather modules
> written in C that are to be loaded into PHP as binary extensions
> to provide extended functionality to the PHP language itself.
> The question is:
> Do we want to mix both PECL/PEAR dependencies in deplist.txt config
> file without any distinction (meaning to make some sort of automated
> logic in deploy scripts to handle this), or do we want to let
> developers distinguish the dependencies themselves, as we want to let
> them also add their own custom extensions to the PHP.INI file manually?
> What do you think about the INI-style deplist.txt?
> deplist.txt:
> [PEAR]
> pear.drush.org/drush
> HTTP_Download2
> [PECL]
> memcache
> python
> perl
> [Apache]
> mod_*

Is there still no effort in PHP to standardize on an official dep?  Do we
have anyone close enough with upstream to try to standardize on anything?

Otherwise that seems fine.  I'm not sure about [Apache].  We'd want to get
careful there since we're inventing this from scratch we might want to
figure out how to make that more general so other cartridges could use it
(ruby for example).  deplist.txt doesn't feel like the right place for it.


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