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Routing SPI

Hello everyone,


We are currently playing with the Routing SPI, on the latest master of origin.


It works quite well. I published a gist explaining how to use it : https://gist.github.com/Filirom1/7334311


Our goal is to build an nginx OpenShift LoadBalancer that will bypass Node Apache, HAProxy and Node Proxy.

Nginx will be highly available because configured behind LVS, and the configuration will be sharded amoung severals servers.


This project was done internally and is now open-sourced : https://github.com/worldline/paas-rproxy-agent

This project doesn’t use the routing SPI, instead it spies mcollective messages and transmit configuration messages to another mcollective agent that will create nginx configuration… This source code doesn’t work anymore with the latest origin, this is the reason why we are looking at the Routing SPI now. It will make our code robust to future origin internal changes.


Before starting our implementation with the routing SPI, I was wondering if there is a REST API to retrieve the whole routing table ? It would be useful to init nginx configuration before adding it to the cluster.


Another thing I notice, is that `add_gear` and `delete_gear` messages are only published if the application is HA. Is it wanted ?


The last question is how can I force every http request to pass through the nginx (nginx servers are different from node servers), and ssh/git requests to access the node directly ? Currently we solved this with this Pull Request : https://github.com/openshift/origin-server/pull/2877. It replaces ssh node names by node IP, but it creates problems when moving gears. `.git/config` reference an IP (not a name anymore) that changed when the gear was moved.





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