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Python2.7 with Flask app stops to work aftern N hours in scalable gears. I get 503

Hi there!
Yesterday I migrated my webservice to a scalable app from a non-scalable single gear cartridge.
It was working okay there.

It's a python app which use flask.
The app works perfectly when launched. If it's not queried the web service, after some hours (dunno yet how much!) I get 503.

When I get 503, the python app.py keeps on running (according to "ps").
Logs do not contain anything interesting which shows where is the problem.
Restarting the app from the web console makes everything working again.

I have implemented in flask a "health" API
it returns OK if the flask app is up and running.
When I get 503 the flask app doesn't answer at all.

Do you have any clue on what che be wrong?

Here is the code:

Any help would be appreciated!

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