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Re: Socket activation

On Thu, Oct 17, 2013 at 6:34 AM, Krishna Raman <kraman gmail com> wrote:
> Have you had a chance to measure the memory or CPU overhead for the proxy?

Because it only runs after activation, the pre-activation CPU and
memory footprint is zero. Base memory is around 1kB. It uses about 8kB
of buffers for each connection (4k each direction). Other than
getaddrinfo() -- which is technically blocking but negligible for
"localhost," Unix sockets, and IP addresses -- all I/O is non-blocking
and epoll-based. Use of epoll() keeps CPU usage to a minimum.

It's single-threaded, but we have options for changing that at the
systemd PID 1 level (by spawning multiple processes) or within the
proxy itself (with multiple, independent threads running accept).

Request overhead when proxying to a TCP daemon is under 0.5ms; Unix
domain sockets are faster still.

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