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Re: Trouble installing Origin on RHEL using comprehensive guide

On 10/18/2013 10:11 AM, Luke Meyer wrote:

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From: "Troy Dawson" <tdawson redhat com>

with admin-console:
Could not find gem 'haml (~> 3.1.7) ruby', which is required by gem
'openshift-origin-admin-console (>= 0) ruby', in any of the sources.
haml v. 4.0.3 is shipped which... probably works? but doesn't match
the gemspec
I had to remove this and install ruby193-rubygem-haml-3.1.7 explicitly
Why are we shipping the new version? Or is this EPEL...
Same problem for console

We have fixed it so that the haml requirement is now
'>= 3.1.7', '< 4.1'
This is in admin-console-1.15.3 and console-1.15.3

Hm; doesn't look like those have been updated in over a month:

Nor has anything else... meanwhile there do appear to be updates to deps:

Is that the real problem?

More than likely. I didn't know we weren't getting any updates to the packages when I updated the dependancies.
It looks like Fedora-19 packages haven't been built for 3 weeks either.

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