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Re: New category tag

You can add any categories you want to a custom cartridge, however the console does not read or display custom cartridge manifests except as part of deployed applications (since each one might be different).

To present custom cartridges to users creating new applications, we create QuickStarts that have one or more cartridges and similar metadata to the cartridge.  Since your cartridge is a web framework, that's usually the correct way to do so.

For OpenShift Online, you can create a quickstart here https://www.openshift.com/node/add/quickstart.  In OpenShift Enterprise or Origin, you would update /etc/openshift/quickstarts.json to contain your new quickstart, then point the cartridge to the URL of your custom cartridge.

----- Original Message -----
> Hi,
> I would like to add new categories in the manifest.yml file for a new custom
> cartridge:
> [...]
> Categories:
> - service
> - web_framework
> - java
> - jboss
> - jee_full_profile
> - portal
> - portlets
> "portal" and "portlets" would be new in Openshift Origin.
> Where I don't see is if there is some master/table where I need to add these
> categories to show them on the console.
> Anyone can help me about how to manage these taxonomies ?
> Thanks,
> Lucas
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