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Re: Memcached cartridge

Awesome - I'm sure there are many interested folks - me included!

On Sep 2, 2013, at 8:39 PM, Mateus Caruccio <mateus caruccio getupcloud com> wrote:

Hi everyone.

I've built this memcached cartridge. It is pretty initial code, heavilly based upon github.com/brianredbeard/openshift-cartridges and github.com/smarterclayton/openshift-redis-cart

The cart adds sasl support (memcached binary protocol only), so it's safe to deploy on a dedicated gear. My goal is to allow instant apps like wordpress to auto-scale while benefiting from the use of memcached.

I appreciate if someone could review it and give some advice/suggestion/PR since this is my very first cart.


Mateus Caruccio
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