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Re: Memcached cartridge

One note that's useful to bring up on this list:


Generally, I would recommend not to categorize memcached as a database - there are existing clients (console, rhc) that treat cartridges with the 'database' category as special.  It might be better to use something like "cache" or "cache-server" or "caching" as a category (and then we can add that to redis as well).


We are trying to change this slightly so that environment variables can be generically published, rather than everything having to pretend it's a database in order to expose user/password/url.  Be aware in the future it may be desirable to use the "publish an env variable to the app" type rather than the "publish DB connection info" endpoint.  There's a story to do it, but I can't find it in the runtime board right now.

----- Original Message -----
> Hi everyone.
> I've built this memcached cartridge. It is pretty initial code, heavilly
> based upon github.com/brianredbeard/openshift-cartridges and
> github.com/smarterclayton/openshift-redis-cart
> It's hosted on github.com/getupcloud/openshift-origin-cartridge-memcached ,
> with builds served by memcached-caruccio.getup.io/
> The cart adds sasl support (memcached binary protocol only), so it's safe to
> deploy on a dedicated gear. My goal is to allow instant apps like wordpress
> to auto-scale while benefiting from the use of memcached.
> I appreciate if someone could review it and give some advice/suggestion/PR
> since this is my very first cart.
> Thanks.
> --
> Mateus Caruccio
> ‚Äč getupcloud.com
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