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Re: Cgroup Templates

I was talking about app reboot instead node reboot.
The question is: once i change the template via oo-cgroup-template does it goes back to default or not?

Em 24/09/2013 23:09, "Robert L. Millner" <rmillner redhat com> escreveu:
On Tue, 2013-09-24 at 21:40 -0400, Clayton Coleman wrote:
> It's probably worth asking the question of whether the throttler and
> booster should be restoring to "previous state" rather than
> "defaults".  How could we track that, and what other implications are
> there to that work?

The booster is typically an ephemeral change wrapping a specific block
of code and could read its starting point at the cost of being more
expensive to call.  The only other risk would be restoring to a broken
state rather than a known good one.  Probably a minor change otherwise.

OpenShift::Runtime::Utils::Cgroups.new(@uuid).boost do
  # the unidle work

The throttler is a bit more complicated since it makes a durable setting
and has performance and scale requirements.  Fotios can better speak to
the sizing of having it store the previous configuration but its also
disabled in Origin.

Surviving reboot requires regenerating /etc/cgconfig.conf on every
durable cgroups change instead of just every gear create/delete.  That
would be a more expensive call to make as well.  A little bigger of a
change due to having to merge new values into the existing saved values;
I'd estimate it as a 3.


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