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Re: Remove/fix management console docs in Origin admin guide?

Hi Luke,

If you feel the doc is incorrect then can you please put in a PR to remove the doc from origin-server/documentation.
The RPM way is probably better anyway. Can you please make sure that the comprehensive guide mentions the correct way of installing the admin console.

As far as the name goes, how about  "Application Management Console" and "PaaS Administration Console" to minimize the confusion.


On Sep 25, 2013, at 9:43 AM, Luke Meyer <lmeyer redhat com> wrote:

> Ref. http://openshift.github.io/documentation/oo_administration_guide.html#management-console
> This is describing how to install the management console as a gem / run from source. I'm not actually sure it even works as described with regards to relaying auth to a broker or connecting to the right broker (as opposed to OpenShift Online). I'm also not sure we really want/need to discuss this here at all; the comprehensive deploy guide has instructions for installing via RPM which I would expect is the "normal" route: http://openshift.github.io/documentation/oo_deployment_guide_comprehensive.html#the-web-console
> So my thought was to either rip this out entirely, or verify what about it is still valid and add a note that this is more for hacking around and they should be using the deploy guide method otherwise. Or maybe move to a "guide to hacking around" we haven't written yet.
> I'm in the area working on docs for the admin console. And by the way, having a "management console" and "administration console" seems like a recipe for confusion. Could we call the first the "web console" (as in the deploy guide) or "developer console"?
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