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No more breaking API changes

>From now on, OpenShift is following strict backwards API compat rules in master.  What does this mean?

* No field or type will be removed from v1beta1 until we deprecate and remove the entire version
* Only new fields or types will be added to v1beta1
  * Example, we want to rename "Foo" to "Bar":
    * v1beta1 will accept either "Foo" or "Bar"
    * If the user specifies both, "Bar" will be used
    * The output will contain both "Foo" and "Bar"
* If we rename a type, both types will be valid in v1beta1 for either rest endpoints or the "Kind" in a resource

We will introduce v1beta2 at some point in the future, which will be "experimental" and only enabled via a flag.  We will remove any cruft that has accumulated since then for the new API.  Before we enable it by default we will do a final review.  Once it's *released*, it will follow the same backwards compat policy as v1beta1.

If you need to see examples of how to do a conversion, ping Michal Fojtik or myself.  Someone will end up writing a document for this (the next person who tries it :))

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