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Re: How to do Mongo Auth ?

Thanks N. Harrison Ripps !


I have created openshift-origin-auth-remote-user.conf inside folder /var/www/openshift/broker/httpd/conf.d/ as well as inside /var/www/openshift/console/httpd/conf.d/ and copied below content inside that file –


# The host:port for your MongoDB server



# The user to connect to your MongoDB



# The password to connect to your MongoDB



# The database within your MongoDB to use for auth




But after restarting openshift-broker service, it is thowing below error -


Invalid command 'MONGO_HOST_PORT="<Host Name>:27017"', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration



Please let me know where I am doing wrong





On Mon, Dec 15, 2014 at 8:58 PM, N. Harrison Ripps <nhr redhat com> wrote:
Hi Kavita--
I can see that you were having a discussion about this with Brenton last week:


So it seems like you may need some guidance on what the mongo auth config file should contain.

Here's an example of the file:

In your MongoDB system located at MONGO_HOST_PORT, you need to tell us which mongo user to log in as (MONGO_USER, MONGO_PASSWORD) and then which specific database you want OpenShift to use for auth records (MONGO_DB).

You can test that your setup is correct by trying to manually run the following from your broker:


Assuming you are able to connect, verify the datastore with:


The openshift-origin-auth-mongo.conf file that you create should live at /var/www/httpd/conf.d/ and there should be no other auth conf files there.

You can see more info in the docs here:


Hope this helps!

On 12/15/2014 04:17 AM, Kavita Kawale wrote:

Is anybody can tell me steps to do mongo authentication ?

I want to do mongo authentication instead of LDAP or Basic.


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