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Building OpenShift origin-server RPMs/SRPMs from Source

Please excuse me, List

Let me introduce my OpenShift origin-server rpm build tool.

As you may know, building origin-server rpm from source is kind of troublesome.
The openshift-dev-tools[1] is already obsolete.
And the scripts in rel-eng/*[2] are not so easy to use and debug, because many
people are not familiar with tito and mockchain.

So I made a script to create the rpm packages. And here it is:


The usage is really simple.
You just run "openshift-rpmbuild.sh" with one argument "$PACKAGE_NAME" or "buildall"
in the origin-server source code directory.

  $ ./openshift-rpmbuild.sh openshift-origin-broker
  $ ./openshift-rpmbuild.sh buildall

I made the script as small as possible.
So it is just 110 lines, but it has some useful options too.

I hope this script can get reduce the burden to build.
Any comment, bug report and feedback are very welcome.

Thank you for reading this message.
Kenjiro Nakayama

[1] http://www.openshift.org/documentation/oo_notes_building_rpms_from_source.html
[2] https://github.com/openshift/origin-server/tree/master/rel-eng/build_instructions

Kenjiro NAKAYAMA <nakayamakenjiro gmail com>
GPG Key fingerprint = ED8F 049D E67A 727D 9A44  8E25 F44B E208 C946 5EB9

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