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Re: error after oo-install

On Feb 4, 2014, at 12:18 , Mochamad Yusuf <fearleeee gmail com> wrote:

> today i just installed origin using oo-install
> two machine(broker and node), fedora 19 minimal install.
> output from oo-accept-broker
> [root broker ~]# oo-accept-broker
> NOTICE: SELinux is Enforcing
> NOTICE: SELinux is  Enforcing
> FAIL: Did not get expected HTTP 200 response from https://localhost/broker/rest/cartridges
> FAIL: configured messaging class is the abstract one: OpenShift::ApplicationContainerProxy

My initial thought was that this is a simple issue of openshift-broker or httpd not running; he's tried restarting those but with no success. Does anyone have any other suggestions for him?

> output from oo-acept-node
> [root node1 ~]# oo-accept-node
> /usr/sbin/oo-accept-node:431:in `check_cgroup_procs': undefined method `value' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)
>         from /usr/sbin/oo-accept-node:889:in `<main>'

This looked like a bug in `oo-accept-node`, anyone have any ideas on this?

> is there a problem with my broker ??
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