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Re: error after oo-install

On 04/02/14 12:47 -0500, N. Harrison Ripps wrote:

On Feb 4, 2014, at 12:18 , Mochamad Yusuf <fearleeee gmail com> wrote:

today i just installed origin using oo-install
two machine(broker and node), fedora 19 minimal install.

output from oo-accept-broker
[root broker ~]# oo-accept-broker
NOTICE: SELinux is Enforcing
NOTICE: SELinux is  Enforcing
FAIL: Did not get expected HTTP 200 response from https://localhost/broker/rest/cartridges
FAIL: configured messaging class is the abstract one: OpenShift::ApplicationContainerProxy

My initial thought was that this is a simple issue of openshift-broker or httpd not running; he's tried restarting those but with no success. Does anyone have any other suggestions for him?

Looks like rubygem-openshift-origin-msg-broker-mcollective is not
installed (or the
file is not present (an example file is here:

You can also verify the following logfiles for more details on the
non-200 response code to the /broker/rest/cartridges request in the
following logfiles:

output from oo-acept-node
[root node1 ~]# oo-accept-node
/usr/sbin/oo-accept-node:431:in `check_cgroup_procs': undefined method `value' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)
        from /usr/sbin/oo-accept-node:889:in `<main>'

This looked like a bug in `oo-accept-node`, anyone have any ideas on this?

The district_uuid fact is missing.  Is the
openshift-origin-msg-node-mcollective package installed?

is there a problem with my broker ??

Overall, it looks like the puppet setup failed to at least setup the
broker and node mcollective plugins.  The output from the puppet run
would probably shed more light on exactly what went wrong.

Jason DeTiberus

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