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RE: Origin Installation repo

Hi Harrison

Thanks a lot for the swift pointers. I have seen the option to change the yum repo in oo-install
Where do we have this configuration in case of Installation using puppet or manual ?

Also ,if I have to set up a private repo ,from where can I get a stable tested version that can be used for
Origin Installation.

McConachie ("The Dude")

Hi, In case you are doing something similar your thoughts will really help.I was working on a use case where I maintain 
a version on Origin install in a private repo ,so that I know its stable and also can add/customize something very specific to my Private
PasS reqmnts.


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Hi Shabna-

On Feb 11, 2014, at 12:32 PM, <s madathilthattantav accenture com> <s madathilthattantav accenture com> wrote:

> Hi All
> I have a query regarding maintaining  a stable version of Origin Install in a private repo.
> I am looking forward to understand ,if there is a provision where I 
> can set a up a private repo With a stable OpenShift origin source 
> (cloned from the git hub) and then Spawn an installation from the same private repo ?

If you are trying to do this with oo-install or puppet, you can specify your alternate private repo URLs as the subscription settings for the 'yum' subscription type. Mike McConachie ("The Dude") is doing something similar and may some suggestions on this as well.

> How can this be achieved ?what are the steps/configuration required for this?
> This question is applicable for Installation using puppet and oo-install- Any pointers will be great.
> Thanks
> Shabna
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