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Origin CI: Status Update

Hey all—
Here’s an update on us re-establishing continuous builds and integration testing for Origin:

Through Krishna’s heroic efforts, we have a Vagrant plugin[1] that enables us to:

* Create a base AMI for Origin (that is, a base system with all Origin prerequisites)
* Create a host instance from the AMI
* Install stable Origin packages onto the instance
* Synchronize code from local repos up to the instance, package them as RPMs and run from them
* Run the full test suite on that instance

…And a number of other things. Vagrant is especially nice because switching from deploying in AWS to deploying on a local VM is a single command-line switch. Implications: fire up a complete Origin instance using bleeding edge code in VM on your own computer. Sweet!

So we’re well set up do develop and test Origin code. That said, we are still faced with a major challenge - the test suite is throwing a lot of failures. Solving these failures is the highest priority right now because we need to get this system back to a baseline of zero failures before we can do CI integration. Also, once we have that first clean test run we can update the Origin packages and hopefully start pushing new packages on a regular basis.

I’d love to help some people get their hands on the code and help us sort out these test failures. The vagrant-openshift repo README contains basic info on setting up a Vagrant-based development and test environment, and I am available through the list and on IRC (FreeNode, #openshift-dev) to help you get things set up. I’m also working on improving our documentation for contributors in general.

If you have the time to help close out a few test failures, let me know! I’ll send out another status report next week to let everyone know how we’re tracking on this.


[1]: https://github.com/openshift/vagrant-openshift

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