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RE: Infinispan as Remote server mode with HotRod

Resending my reply from a few days ago:

Did you see the PROXY_PORT environment variables? That is the externally exposed port for the cartridge which is what you need to use when communicating to the gear from a different gear or application:


you also need to be using the external IP/DNS for the gear, which you can find in OPENSHIFT_GEAR_DNS

You will only get those PROXY ports exposed if you deploy the infinispan cartridge in a scaled application.

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Please reply how this can be achieved? waiting for the response.

Thanks & Regards

Priyanka Gupta

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Subject: Infinispan as Remote server mode with HotRod



I have a Use case where I am using Infinispan as a remote Server mode with HotRod , where The Infinsiapn will be hosted in one application gear and should be accessible to application hosted in other gears.

For testing this use case ,I created a scaled application and added infinispan as downloadable cartridge from https://raw.github.com/bdecoste/openshift-origin-cartridge-infinispan/master/metadata/manifest.yml .


When I ssh and check for the variables required to configure in my test application hosted in a separate gear to connect to the hosted remote Infinispan server, these are the variables I came across:





As I understand it requires INFINISPAN_TCP_PORT to connect with the Infinispan HotRod server present in separate gear. But according to my findings this is not provided as a variable in downloadable cartridge. Can you please provide the solution for that?


Is this a  current limitation or an issue?

Or is there any other way to achieve this use case ?

Waiting for your response….




Thanks & Regards,

Priyanka Gupta

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