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New rhc command: rhc clone|upgrade (call for feedback)


We are starting the development of a new rhc command that will allow users to clone and upgrade existing applications. Cloning apps will basically allow users to create exact copies of their running apps, including all configurations, environment variables and even data. When creating a cloned app OpenShift will however re-download all cartridges configured, which means this command will also allow users to upgrade the downloadable cartridges their apps use (in practice, you could 'clone' an app to another one with the same app name, which would upgrade by downloading the latest versions of cartridges and overriding it). In future we also want this command to support the upgrade to newer versions of cartridges, e.g. php-5.3->php-5.4 and mysql-5.1->mysql-5.5.

The original Trello card for this story is available here[1] and we would like to invite everyone to join the discussion about the command syntax and other details. Should it be 'rhc clone-app'? 'rhc upgrade-app'? Use the existing create app command and add a new option, like in 'rhc create-app --from <another_app>'? All of them?

Feel free to join the Etherpad below and add your comments:



Fabiano Franz

[1] https://trello.com/c/RtkqtAop/160-a-user-can-upgrade-or-clone-an-application-via-rhc-and-the-snapshot-feature

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