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RE: Eclipse integration with Openshift: Issues

Thanks a lot Andre. I have been able to successfully integrate my eclipse with openshift web console and also manage to create and deploy one application to Cloud :-)


Just one question:


Our organization has created a local Linux VM for Openshift using the zip file (https://mirror.openshift.com/pub/origin-server/release/3/images/openshift-origin.zip).

So we have local instance of Openshift VM in our organization


When I am trying to integrate my eclipse kepler with this instance of Openshift ( instead of openshift webconsole) I am getting the following error. Any suggestions will be of great help. Also please let me know in case more details are required.


First screen: Making connection to Local VM. This step is fine.



Second screen: Creating a new application. This step is fine. But when I click the Finish button, third screen comes up.




Error screen:




From: André Dietisheim [mailto:adietish redhat com]
Sent: Friday, February 21, 2014 4:17 PM
To: Amit Aggarwal; dev lists openshift redhat com
Cc: Jainendra Kumar
Subject: Re: Eclipse integration with Openshift: Issues


Hi Amit

On 02/21/2014 10:57 AM, Amit Aggarwal wrote:



I am trying to use eclipse to create new application for my openshift web console.


After I input my username and password, eclipse is not able to get my existing applications from Openshift site.


When I try to create new application, Type dropdown is empty.

The dropdown being empty is caused by the error that happened right before. The error is a known one and happens with outdated Eclipse plugins. You should update to Eclipse Kepler and install our latest tooling from the following update site: http://download.jboss.org/jbosstools/updates/stable/kepler/

See https://www.openshift.com/blogs/getting-started-with-eclipse-paas-integration?page=1



Any suggestions please ??









Thanks and Regards,


Amit Aggarwal

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