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Application architecture standards recommended/supported by Openshift


I am exploring/evaluating Openshift as Paas solution for my enterprise. I have been able to successfully integrate my eclipse(kepler) with openshift web console and also manage to create and deploy one sample application on Openshift. Also Our organization has created a local Linux VM for Openshift using the zip file (https://mirror.openshift.com/pub/origin-server/release/3/images/openshift-origin.zip).

Now I am exploring what are recommended/supported architecture standards of an application to be deployed on Openshift to leverage the advantages provided by Openshift.

e.g. One of my existing applications receives XML files as input from client. At present they ftp the files to a location on my server which is then picked up by my application. How does Openshift provides file system support. How my application architecture needs to be modified in order to successfully deploy it on Openshift.

Kind Regards,

Amit Aggarwal


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