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Quickstart "API"

Hi Clayton, Hi John

I'd like to follow up with the discussion we had in the OpenShift/JBoss Tools sync call:

1) We need to be sure that the current Quickstart API is stable for the lifetime of the upcoming JBoss Tools / JBoss Developer Studio GA release (at least 1y). 2) The Quickstarts missing the disctinction btw. web- and addon-cartridges is annoying: we would have been able to reuse our existing wizard pages (enabling/disabling configurations that the user cannot freely set) if the distinction was in place. But we can live with it, we'll just have to create another specific wizard page for quickstarts. 3) When listing existing quickstarts you want us to only show the promoted ones, right? Isn't it somehow unexpected for the user to get different results when explicitly searching than in the list of quickstarts he gets presented? A rich client like Eclipse would query the full list only once and cache it. Not sure if server load would be an argument in the context of a rich client?


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