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Re: Adding HA Support Services to Puppet Origin

First off, kudos to you for taking a shot at this. Everyone would definitely appreciate this functionality.

I suspect the Red Hatters who would ordinarily want to help review are going to be very busy for the next couple months. So, we'd apprectiate anyone else who can help.

I did notice a couple minor things at a glance...
1. broker.conf:MONGO_REPLICA_SETS is dead - I'm pretty sure broker code just uses the number of mongo hosts configured to decide whether it's a replica set or not.
2. Over on the Enterprise side, it's been suggested that the activemq inter-host connectors don't need to be duplex. Try it without duplex="true"?

Looks like you've thought of most of the issues with doing this, but I haven't tried the changes :)

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Subject: Adding HA Support Services to Puppet Origin

Hi Guys, 

I tried to add the ability to do cluster'd activemq and mongodb deployments. If anyone has some time, could they take a quick look: 


I'm not a puppet master or have the slightest knowledge about ruby (php only..), but I'd be cool if you could take a look because I'd like to see something like this for when we do our re-deploy of OO. 

I didn't want to submit a pull request because right now I don't have the resources to test it and there's probably a few syntax errors. 

Much appreciated, 

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