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Re: Quickstart "API"

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> >>>> 3) When listing existing quickstarts you want us to only show the
> >>>> promoted ones, right? Isn't it somehow unexpected for the user to
> >>>> get
> >>>> different results when explicitly searching than in the list of
> >>>> quickstarts he gets presented? A rich client like Eclipse would
> >>>> query
> >>>> the full list only once and cache it. Not sure if server load would
> >>>> be
> >>>> an argument in the context of a rich client?
> >>>
> >>> It's more that "promoted" is our standard quick starts, where as
> >>> everything else is part of the community.  I'm a bit worried about
> >>> giving those full visibility by default, especially because they may
> >>> have security holes, be flawed or buggy, or simply not work.  I'm
> >>> not opposed to showing them, just that I don't think they'll
> >>> necessarily reflect well on us.
> >>
> >> Is this just on openshift online you are concerned about this or also
> >> for enterprise ?
> >
> > Online - enterprise only has a single list.
> And which list is that ? the promoted one or the full one ?
> I assume just the full one ?

In Online the SEARCH_QUICKSTARTS link is exposed (which is what you would consider the full list in Online) and LIST_QUICKSTARTS is promoted.  In Enterprise, LIST_QUICKSTARTS points to quickstarts.json

> >> Would it help if our QS UI would have a checkbox called "Show only
> >> promoted quick starts" which would be on by default for first time
> >> users ?
> >>
> >> Then users will need to explicitly say "show me all, not just the
> >> promoted ones".
> >
> > As long as it's not the default we should be fine
> Okey - so just to avoid having to give online special treatment I
> suggest:
> We query for promoted - if there is a response we will show that by
> default.
> If not (or user asked to show all) we will show the full list ?

You should be using the link relation - if the LIST_QUICKSTARTS link relation is present, you should show it.  You can optionally show SEARCH_QUICKSTARTS if it's available (perhaps as "Show all quick starts").

> btw. can I see in the full list which are promoted anyway ? because if
> that is the
> case we could just always get the full list cache it and just filter
> out/highlight
> the promoted ones ?

I would really recommend treating the link relations as the things to show - LIST_QUICKSTARTS is preferred, and SEARCH_QUICKSTARTS is option as extended visuals.

> /max
> http://about.me/maxandersen

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