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Making the haproxy cartridge more flexible

I'm curious how we could make the haproxy cartridge more flexible.
For example, if someone needs to modify a gear's haproxy.cfg I don't
see any way for settings to be injected into the global stanza.

It would be nice if an ENV variable could be set and then used to set
the values of certain settings.  Users who set these variables would
understand that restarting their gear would be required.

However, today haproxy.cfg in the gear is created during setup.  I can
think of a few hackish ways to accomplish this but the main
complication I see is that the load balancing configs at the bottom of
the file are dynamic.  Would it be terrible to call update-cluster on
each haproxy gear restart? (ideally, only if necessary)

If so I could see the having a template that is rebuilt on restart and
then have update-cluster re-add the loadbalancing configs.  I'd love
to hear if anyone else has considered something like this.


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