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Re: openshift-origin-cartridge-dependencies

What are openshift-origin-cartridge-dependencies-optional and openshift-origin-cartridge-dependencies-recommended for? Are they metapackages?

I would at least split out the JBoss dependencies to have EWS vs AS/EAP… right?

On Jan 17, 2014, at 4:38 PM, Troy Dawson <tdawson redhat com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have created the following packages, I am hoping that their name makes it fairly obvious what they are for.
> openshift-origin-cartridge-dependencies-optional
> openshift-origin-cartridge-dependencies-optional-jboss
> openshift-origin-cartridge-dependencies-optional-nodejs
> openshift-origin-cartridge-dependencies-optional-perl
> openshift-origin-cartridge-dependencies-optional-php
> openshift-origin-cartridge-dependencies-optional-python
> openshift-origin-cartridge-dependencies-optional-ruby
> openshift-origin-cartridge-dependencies-recommended
> openshift-origin-cartridge-dependencies-recommended-jboss
> openshift-origin-cartridge-dependencies-recommended-nodejs
> openshift-origin-cartridge-dependencies-recommended-perl
> openshift-origin-cartridge-dependencies-recommended-php
> openshift-origin-cartridge-dependencies-recommended-python
> openshift-origin-cartridge-dependencies-recommended-ruby
> I have only populated the Requires for Perl and Python.
> I have not yet started removing Requires from any cartridge packages.  I figured I'd wait a little bit until documentation and/or puppet scripts started using these packages.
> Questions:
> I have just one jboss dependencies package.  Does this seem ok, or should it be broken out to jbossas, jbosseaw and so forth?
> Database cartridges - The only non-essential things in these are the <database>-devel packages.  I was planning on putting all of these in the general Optional package.  Does that seem right?
> One final thing.  If you don't like the naming of these packages, now is the time to speak up.  It's much easier to change the names now before they go into documentation and/or puppet scripts.
> Thanks
> Troy
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