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RE: OpenShift Origin Version v3

+1.  You beat me to it K.  I read his comment this morning, and finally had cycles to respond to it.  Thanks!

Michael J. McConachie

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Subject: Re: OpenShift Origin Version v3
From: kraman gmail com
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2014 10:06:03 -0800
To: hripps redhat com
CC: users lists openshift redhat com; dev lists openshift redhat com

Hi Sabna,

oo-register-user only works with the mongo auth plugin. It will not work with the remote-user auth you have configured.
You need to use htpasswd to add the user. Just remove the -c option.
According to htpasswd man page [1] -c truncates the file..


On Jan 20, 2014, at 10:03 AM, N. Harrison Ripps <hripps redhat com> wrote:

On Jan 20, 2014, at 12:46 , <s madathilthattantav accenture com> <s madathilthattantav accenture com> wrote:

Thanks a lot for the response. Can you please help me with the steps for the same

Also ,I hope it won't have an impact on my existing install -I got it working with quite some effort and want to save it for some time :)
Have some deployed application as well.

Okay, let me see if I can find some folks to troubleshoot this with you. I don't want you to lose your setup. Are you familiar with our IRC channels on FreeNode? Ping me #openshift-dev, user 'nhr'

But then need to use administration console feature as well ,but stuck due to this-
Any help is really appreciated.


-----Original Message-----
From: N. Harrison Ripps [mailto:hripps redhat com]
Sent: Monday, January 20, 2014 11:09 PM
To: Madathilthattantav, S.
Cc: users lists openshift redhat com; dev lists openshift redhat com
Subject: Re: OpenShift Origin Version v3

Hey Shabna--

On Jan 20, 2014, at 8:07 , s madathilthattantav accenture com wrote:

After installing the require package also , I am getting  the
following error [root broker fedora]# sudo oo-register-user -l admin
-p admin --username cshift --userpass chsift
/usr/share/gems/gems/activeresource-3.2.13/lib/active_resource/connection.rb:132:in `handle_response': Failed.  Response code = 401.  Response message = Unauthorized. (ActiveResource::UnauthorizedAccess)
      from /usr/share/gems/gems/activeresource-3.2.13/lib/active_resource/connection.rb:115:in `request'
      from /usr/share/gems/gems/activeresource-3.2.13/lib/active_resource/connection.rb:98:in `block in post'
      from /usr/share/gems/gems/activeresource-3.2.13/lib/active_resource/connection.rb:218:in `with_auth'
      from /usr/share/gems/gems/activeresource-3.2.13/lib/active_resource/connection.rb:98:in `post'
      from /usr/share/gems/gems/activeresource-3.2.13/lib/active_resource/base.rb:1360:in `create'
      from /usr/share/gems/gems/activeresource-3.2.13/lib/active_resource/observing.rb:19:in `create_with_notifications'
      from /usr/share/gems/gems/activeresource-3.2.13/lib/active_resource/base.rb:1155:in `save'
      from /usr/share/gems/gems/activeresource-3.2.13/lib/active_resource/validations.rb:79:in `save_with_validation'
      from /usr/share/gems/gems/activeresource-3.2.13/lib/active_resource/observing.rb:19:in `save_with_notifications'
      from /bin/oo-register-user:101:in `<main>'

Saw a similar issue reported : https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1011974  Any ideas ?

Krishna is out today, but I -think- this problem is related to a bug that Krishna fixed in the puppet module last week. Specifically with this commit:

The bug prevents authentication against the Broker REST API, which prevents a lot of things from working correctly.

You should be able to fix it by reinstalling and reapplying the puppet module; the latest version of the module at PuppetForge has this correction.



From: Madathilthattantav, S.
Sent: Monday, January 20, 2014 6:13 PM
To: 'users lists openshift redhat com'; 'dev lists openshift redhat com'
Subject: OpenShift Origin Version v3

Hi All

I am trying to use the feature
In OpenShift version 3.

I am facing a strange issue with th Origin Install (version 3 in
Fedora 19 using oo-install) I am unable to create admin user.

I created  a default user after the install using the following command  :
htpasswd -c /etc/openshift/htpasswd demo

I was able to login and deploy application without any issue.
But when I try to give admin access,with the following command
oo-register-user -l admin -p admin --username demo --userpass demo

I get the error :  bash: oo-register-user: command not found , Looks like something is missing-Any pointers on the same.

Couple of other doubts as well

1.If I have to add one more user , and do htpasswd -c /etc/openshift/htpasswd test ,it overwrites the file,how to avoid this?
2.How to get access to openshift-administration-console.Pointers to the same?
3.After the install,is there a default admin user  created? I used oo-install for the Installation.

Thanks a lot for any help on the same.


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