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RE: access admin-console



I  was able to do this by following the document  -http://openshift.github.io/documentation/oo_deployment_guide_comprehensive.html#configure-the-administrative-console


To access the Administration Console from a system other than the broker, we can either forward the port for local viewing or modify the proxy configuration.


You  can try the following  as well

(From the docs)


Modifying the Proxy Configuration:


To enable external access through the broker host, configure the broker host httpd proxy. Edit the/etc/httpd/conf.d/000002_openshift_origin_broker_proxy.conf configuration file. Inside the <VirtualHost *:443> section, add additionalProxyPass entries for the Administration Console and its static assets after the existing ProxyPass entry for the broker. The completed<VirtualHost *:443> section looks similar to the following:

ProxyPass /broker

ProxyPass /admin-console

ProxyPass /assets

ProxyPassReverse /

You can also add any httpd access controls you deem necessary to prevent unauthorized access to the Administration Console. After making any changes, restart the httpd service to load the new configuration:

# service httpd restart


Hope this helps!





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today i just installed allinone origin using oo-script.

how i can access admin-console ? or it needs further config ??

when i open (my all in one IP) its show dev-console.

it's show me the same with

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