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Re: Openshift Puppet Deployment

Thanks for the reply.
This is my configuration file (with the %var% being replaced)

class { 'openshift_origin' :
  # Components to install on this host:
  roles                 =>=> ['broker','named','activemq','datastore','node'],
  # The FQDNs of the OpenShift component hosts; for a single-host
  # system, make all values identical.
  broker_hostname            => 'oos.%DOMAIN%',
  node_hostname              => 'oos.%DOMAIN%',
  named_hostname             => 'oos.%DOMAIN%',
  datastore_hostname         => 'oos.%DOMAIN%',
  activemq_hostname          => 'oos.%DOMAIN%',
  node_unmanaged_users       => ['root'],
  # BIND / named config
  # This is the key for updating the OpenShift BIND server
  bind_key                   => '%TSIG_KEY%',
  # The domain under which applications should be created.
  domain                     => '%DOMAIN%',
  # Apps would be named <app>-<namespace>.%DOMAIN%
  # This also creates hostnames for local components under our domain
  register_host_with_named   => true,
  # Forward requests for other domains (to Google by default)
  conf_named_upstream_dns    => [''],
  #Use the nsupdate broker plugin to register application  
  broker_dns_plugin          => 'nsupdate',
  # Auth OpenShift users created with htpasswd tool in /etc/openshift/htpasswd
  broker_auth_plugin         => 'mongo',
  # To enable installing the Jenkins cartridge:
  install_method             => 'yum',
  jenkins_repo_base          => 'http://pkg.jenkins-ci.org/redhat',
  # Username and password for initial openshift user
  openshift_user1            => 'openshift',
  openshift_password1        => '%openshiftpass%',
  # administrative user for mongodb
  mongodb_admin_user         => 'admin',
  mongodb_admin_password     => '%mongoadmin%',
  #Username and password for the broker to connect to the database
  mongodb_broker_user        => 'mongo',
  mongodb_broker_password    => '%mongobroker%',
  #Enable development mode for more verbose logs
  development_mode           => true,
  #Configure the gear sizes to be used
  conf_valid_gear_sizes      => [small, medium, large],
  conf_broker_auth_salt         => '%authsalt%',
  conf_broker_auth_public_key    => "/etc/openshift/server_pub.pem",
  conf_broker_auth_private_key    => "/etc/openshift/server_priv.pem",
  conf_broker_auth_key_password    => '%authkeypass%',
  conf_broker_session_secret  => '%BROKER_SESSION_SECRET%',
  conf_console_session_secret => '%CONSOLE_SESSION_SECRET%',

  #MCollective login for messaging

  mcollective_user    => 'msgopenshift',

  mcollective_password        => '%mcollectivepass%'

On Monday, January 27, 2014 2:45 PM, N. Harrison Ripps <nhr redhat com> wrote:
Hi there--

On Jan 27, 2014, at 3:52 , liaabi <liaa_4all yahoo com> wrote:

> Hey everyone,
> I am trying to configure the parameters for broker authentication for openshift.
> For some reason, I am not able to specify conf_broker_auth_public_key and conf_broker_auth_private_key in the puppet script. I get an exception:
> Error: exception object expected at /etc/puppet/modules/openshift_origin/manifests/role.pp:66 on node [my node address here]
> Wrapped exception:
> exception object expected
> Can anyone help? What value should these parameters take? Why are they not allowed in the puppet script?

Can you share your puppet config file?

> Thanks

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