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openshift origin cartridge questions

Big picture - We are attempting to provide cartridges of different versions of software (Postgresql for example), so that a user my deploy the cartridge and test the software in a given environment.

The cartridge (after some clearing of the broker cache and restarting several services) shows that it is available to an application. Upon deploying the cartridge, the user is provided with an error (Error: Shell command '/sbin/runuser -s /bin/sh 52e2da1ecbbe672483000001 -c "exec /usr/bin/runcon 'unconfined_u:system_r:openshift_t:s0:c0,c1003' /bin/sh -c \"/var/lib/openshift/52e2da1ecbbe672483000001/postgresql/bin/install --version 9.4\""' returned an error. rc=127). A log for the install of Postgresql on the application host states that certain executable commands could not be found, that should have been if the packages in the provides section of the manifest were installed.

One missing bit of documentation is that of the manifest.yml, It would seem that we are making our cartridge available in the openshift origin environment, but that we are not able to deploy it successfully.

Another issue noted is that the version of software available via a cartridge needs to support alpha characters, but it currently does not. We are attempting to deploy Postgresql 9.4devel as a cartridge. So far it has been unsuccessful.

Please not that we have also attempted to deploy the Redhat provided cartridge for Postgresql 9.2 and it too fails.

1) Are we correct in assuming that one may have multiple versions of the same software package available a cartridge in an openshift origin environment (one cartridge for Postgresql 9.2, one cartridge for Postgresql 9.4devel, etc.) 2) Is there documentation available for cartridge developers for the definitions and usage of the manifest parameters. If not, is that something that could be shared and we would assist in the development of documentation, samples, etc. 3) Is there documentation of what gets logged where in the process of installing a cartridge to the system for use in openshift origin? 4) Is there documentation of what gets logged where in the process of deploying a cartridge to an application? Thank you

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