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oo-install re: disconnected mode?

Hi List,

I have an environment that is disconnected from the internet. I need to install OSO.

So I:
   -stood up openshift-origin, puppetlabs, fedora, and fedora-updates YUM repos internally. They all work as expected, and I can install from them.
   -stood up a clone of the 'puppet-openshift_origin' git repo, and was able to clone into '/etc/puppet/modules/openshift_origin'
   -have a broker, and a few nodes installed, updated, and configured (ready to install OSO via oo-install). 
   -oo-install portable installer is on the broker, and works as expected.

I wanted to ask if anyone knows of a way to tell oo-installer to **NOT** try to clone into the www facing puppet repos, and to use the local one instead.  As a workaround for the yum stuff, I told it to use 'none' to allow them to be resolved locally (I have the repos already setup.) per the oo-install docs.

The issue is, that it appears the installer is trying to execute 'puppet module {list,update,install}' commands, and it's also reaching out to 'https://forge.puppetlabs.com' for some bits. I dug into the originator.rb file, and hacked at it but it made no difference. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks for your time team,

Michael J. McConachie

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