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oo CentOS install feedback : jboss yum deps & jenkins already started


I just installed openshift origin on CentOS 6.5.


Out of the mcollective little doc fix, there is 2 points I would like to share :

-          First (important for me): I was unable to install jboss and java based cartridge

o   The related open Ticket bugzilla 1016003


-          Second (minor), and as described in this post (aug 2013)  : when we follow the oo_deployment_guide_comprehensive we had a broker which is unable to create our first php application. The error reported :


(98)Address already in use: AH00072: make_sock: could not bind to address

> no listening sockets available, shutting down

> Unable to open logs


o   As Wouter says in the related post : the installation tell to install Jenkins (§ 9.7.6. Select and Install Built-In Cartridges to be Supported) and this step create a running Jenkins service (also “on” in chkconfig). This Jenkins service LISTEN on the 8080 port. I confirm that the workaround is to stop the Jenkins service by just doing the following :

§  service jenkins stop

§  chkconfig Jenkins off


For the second point, if you agree, I could add this point into the deploy guide ?

For the first point, I will wait for yum jboss deps like other openshift origin centos users.



Brice Vandeputte


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