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reset an OpenShift deployment

You've deployed OpenShift and had your test users crawl all over it, tweaking and breaking things. Now you have it just the way you like it, and it's time for production usage... but you have all these apps sitting around, possibly in various states of broken-ness. How do you start fresh without having to deploy from scratch?

I created a brief script and procedure for doing this cleanly. The script is attached, with the procedure in the leading comments. I'd appreciate if anyone has any input on anything I missed, or that could be done better. For instance, I'm not certain oo-devel-node is the best administrative script for removing a gear from a node. And I've just realized this doesn't remove the cloud domain DNS entries... not sure if that should be scripted or just a bullet item for the admin to do manually. Really they *could* just be left there.

Thoughts? If it's suitable I'll add this in openshift-extras...

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