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mcollective restart required to add cartridge

I thought this worked differently, and I'm pretty disappointed. Wondering how hard it is to change.

I thought, when you installed a new cartridge at the node with "oo-admin-cartridge --action install" that mcollective would pick it up right away. Thus you could do oo-admin-ctl-cartridge -c import-node from the broker and start using the cartridge without any service interruption.

It appears not. Not sure how I got that impression. Instead, mcollective reports the cartridge repo loaded at the time it started. This seems like a bad design. Restarting mcollective should not be done needlessly. It can interrupt user activities and leave the state of mongo inconsistent with the state of nodes. Preferably that should only happen during a broker outage. But adding cartridges should be possible at any time.

I understand we don't want the mcollective agent to reload the in-memory cartridge repo constantly, but this does not seem like a hard cache invalidation problem. Just have oo-admin-cartridge touch a file in the cart repo after installing, and have the mcollective agent store the timestamp and reload the cartridges when it changes.

Am I incorrect about any of this? Seems a trello card is in order...

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