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Re: Auto Binding of MYSQL cartridge

Thanks for the response
I was reading through the open-shifts publish / subscribe mechanism.

But as I understand would nt that still require application changes to bind to the environment varaiables ?


On Wed, Jul 9, 2014 at 1:11 PM, Juergen Hoffman <juhoffma redhat com> wrote:
Hi Shabna,

You can accomplish this using using openshifts publish / subscribe mechanism. See http://openshift.github.io/documentation/oo_cartridge_developers_guide.html#cartridge-events


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Juergen Hoffmann
Senior Enterprise Solution Architect

Am 09.07.2014 um 09:29 schrieb Shabna M <shabsrh gmail com>:

Hi All

I have a question - regarding binding of MYSQL service provided by Open Shift.

Is there a way  in which an application bound to MYSQL  (any instance say local or external) can start using OpenShift MYSQL instance by just adding the cartrdige to the app ,without making simgle line of change in the application itself. (By no changes I mean ,not using the OpenShift variables explicitly)

I know its a challenging requirement -and I thought this may not be possible in any Paas
but then I stepped upon this feature in CF -

Any thoughts on this ? and how it can be accomplished in Open Shift -?


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