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For the Brave and the Bold: Advanced Notice on Origin v4

Hey all--
As of today, you can find a shiny new set of OpenShift Origin RPMs on our mirror site:


You can also find a Puppet Module that works with these RPMs right here:


And if you aren't afraid of a little repo cloning, there's an installer for those RPMs that I first mentioned a few weeks back:


We're not 100% ready to announce Origin v4 for a few reasons:

* The docs aren't fully updated
* The oo-install code is not up-to-date for Enterprise installations yet


If your middle name is "Adventure"...
If your daily commute involves base jumping...
If "accessorizing" means picking a new carabiner for your rappelling harness...

Then we say: Origin v4 is ready for some field testing.

If you have the chance to play around with all of this new hotness over the weekend, please share your experiences with us on the dev list. I will be doing what I can to respond quickly to any technical issues that arise.

I'm getting pretty excited about OpenShift Origin v4, and I'm really looking forward to hearing from you on how to make it even better!


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