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Re: OpenShift Origin V4 installation

Hey there--

On Jul 15, 2014, at 5:57, supphachoke suntiwichaya <mrchoke gmail com> wrote:

> Hi, Team
> I follow this guide 
> http://openshift.github.io/documentation/oo_deployment_guide_comprehensive.html
> Everything work fine for V4 but Broker can’t browse  cartridges on node. 
> what is different between V3 & V4 Configure ?

There are a few v4 post-install steps missing from the Comprehensive Guide right now. These commands must be run from any Broker in your deployment:

1. Node hosts -must- be added to a district.
   a. Create a district: oo-admin-ctl-district -c create -n #{district_name} -p #{district_gear_size}
   b. Add Nodes to the district: oo-admin-ctl-district -c add-node -n #{district_name} -a
      (The -a flag adds all compatible nodes to the district at once)

2. A Broker must poll a Node for cartridge information:
   oo-admin-ctl-cartridge -c import-node --activate

I am glad to hear that most of the Comprehensive Guide worked for you. Please let us know if you encountered any other out-of-date information as you went through.


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