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Re: The v4 dependency chain - issues with therubyracer and v8

Hi Harrison,
Where are people getting their versions of ruby193-rubygem-therubyracer?
 And what version are they getting?

I ask that because the latest version of ruby193-rubygem-therubyracer
(ruby193-rubygem-therubyracer-0.11.0-0.8.beta5.el6) has exactly what you
are asking for.

# rpm -qp --requires
ruby193-rubygem-therubyracer-0.11.0-0.8.beta5.el6.x86_64.rpm | grep v8

That version is in both the nightly and release 4 dependency repo.


On 07/30/2014 08:46 AM, N. Harrison Ripps wrote:
> Hey all-- I am hoping to consolidate discussion of the dependency
> chain for Origin v4 under one thread; there are at least two others
> right now and they are covering very similar ground.
> Here's some perspective on what is happening.
>> From the ruby193 software collection (SCL), we use the
>> ruby193-rubygem-therubyracer RPM. This gem depends on an RPM from a
>> different SCL, specifically, the v8314-v8 RPM from the v8314 SCL.
>> And from our perspective, this would all "just work" if the
>> ruby193-rubygem-therubyracer included v8314-v8 as a specific
>> dependency. However, it doesn't. The answer to "why" is one that I
>> hope to have soon, but in the meantime, there are other ways to
>> solve the problem.
> I think the best short-term way to solve this issue will be for us to
> instead make the v8314-v8 RPM a dependency of our own RPMs,
> specifically the ones that also depend upon therubyracer:
> * openshift-origin-console 
> * rubygem-openshift-origin-console
> * openshift-origin-admin-console
> * rubygem-openshift-origin-admin-console
> A number of you have been looking at other workarounds, and my main
> concern with those is that they won't survive a "yum update" down the
> road.
> So hopefully this answers some questions around why this is happening
> and what we are planning to do to solve the problem. Please feel free
> to follow up with your own findings, or any questions or concerns
> that you may have. As always, I am really appreciative of the folks
> who take the time to report on these matters, so thank you very much
> for bringing your findings to the community!
> --Harrison
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