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origin Vagrantfile and vagrant-openshift

Hi Everyone,

  We have made a few changes to let vagrant-openshift and the github.com/openshift/origin play nicely together.  The changes from a user experience point of view are:

- If you are using the origin Vagrantfile you shouldn't have to do anything different.  The image that the Vagrantfile points to now includes more stuff preloaded and is tied into the same processes as vagrant-openshift for building base images.  If you were using env vars for settings, those should still work (Ex: VAGRANT_SYNC_FROM).  You can also now use .vagrant-openshift.json if you want more options than the old env vars provide (with or without the vagrant-openshift plugin).

- For anyone using vagrant-openshift, you will now need to run it from within the origin repo directory since it now uses the Vagrantfile from origin.

For anyone not aware of vagrant-openshift (https://github.com/openshift/vagrant-openshift).  It started with openshift v2 (developed originally by Krishna and Harrison) and has been adopted for use by geard and now openshift v3.  It also is what runs on every [test]/[merge].  Previously, the plugin worked by generating a Vagrantfile on demand with the appropriate settings for a base os image, a dependency image, or a final openshift instance image.  Now for v3 it generates a .vagrant-openshift.json file which can be read by the origin Vagrantfile to perform the appropriate action.

Note: I didn't update anything for vmware users yet.  Not sure if we are going to maintain that one long term.  TBD.

So now regardless of which one you start with you should end up in the same place.

Let me know if you see anything strange happening after these changes (note they are still working their way through the build processes).


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