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Re: OpenShift 3 merge queue is paused while we refactor build logic in Jenkins

The queue is open again but I expect more flakiness throughout the evening.  A few big changes:

Docker image hierarchy:

* openshift/origin-base - common dependencies on top of centos7
  * openshift/origin-release - the go build environment for official release builds and cross platform builds
  * openshift/origin - contains binaries put into it by the release process
    * openshift/origin-deployer - changes the CMD to run deploys
    * openshift/origin-docker-builder - changes the CMD to run builds for docker
    * openshift/origin-sti-builder - changes the CMD to run STI builds and includes geard
  * openshift/origin-haproxy-router-base - a bleeding edge version of haproxy set up for acting as a router
    * openshift/origin-haproxy-router - has the router binary from the official release and configures the image to connect to the master

New scripts:

* hack/build-base-images.sh - builds origin-base, origin-release, and origin-haproxy-router-baes
* hack/build-release.sh - starts a docker image (origin-release) and then runs an official build inside it, then extracts the linux binaries
* hack/build-images.sh - builds all the images that depend on the Origin build
* hack/push-release.sh - pushes our images to a Docker registry

Jenkins runs build-base-images.sh when the base AMI is created, and then when an AMI is built we call build-release.sh, build-images.sh, and then push-release.sh

OpenShift now defaults to using PullIfNotFound for the images that it depends on, so be aware that your builder and router images will grow older.

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