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OpenShift3 30s admin experience next steps

A key goal over the next month is going to be getting a more comprehensive OpenShift 3 30s initial admin experience.  Here are some of the items we need to tackle to get there (unordered)

1. Easily run OpenShift on a CentOS7/RHEL7/Atomic system in an all-in-one mode (inside or outside of a container)
2. Run OpenShift on Kubernetes inside a container providing PaaS capabilities to the cluster (deployments, images, etc) as an API master
3. Run OpenShift inside a container in boot2docker in all-on-one mode
4. Run OpenShift in a cluster on Red Hat systems in master and node roles, and allow nodes to join the master
   a. Make the AWS, GCE, OpenStack, and bare metal scenarios part of the origin repo
5. Be able to develop OpenShift against a boot2docker instance on Mac/Windows to support folks in the Java world and prepare for being able to run a local OpenShift cluster

To be able to do that effectively we need a few things:

1. Determine how to run a full all-in-one OpenShift on Docker and escape the container to do what we need (set iptables rules, create volumes that Docker can mount, ensure networking in sane).
2. Finish the OpenShift pod template so that we can run as a master pod on Kubernetes - we need to properly auth to the cluster with basic auth (openshift start has to support auth) and take the Kubernetes service arguments
   a. Work with upstream to do something similar to https://github.com/GoogleCloudPlatform/kubernetes/pull/2224
3. Fix abstractions in upstream Kube that allow us to effectively run on Mac (for a start) and Windows (eventually) https://github.com/GoogleCloudPlatform/kubernetes/issues/2170
4. Scope and describe how we want to accomplish 4a and what the priorities are - use Jhon and Eric's existing work to keep this moving along


A few of the people to be involved in this are probably Eric, Dan Mace, Jhon, Adam, and maybe Thomas, but anyone else is welcome to jump in.

Clayton Coleman | Lead Engineer, Red Hat OpenShift

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