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Re: Ask for ideas about bug 1162474

On 11/11/2014 09:41 PM, Brenton Leanhardt wrote:

Hi Zamir,

Hi Brenton,
When I first looked at the code it definitely seemed strange that we
would have an option to pass in the application name for the
'upgrade-gear' command even though we don't really use it.

I suspect the original intention of passing in both the login name and
the application was to provide admins better output in the event an
upgrade failure.  They could tell develers app 'foo' had problems
instead of referring to it by a uuid that no one could remember.

My preference would be to add the logic to verify that the app name
passed in matches the name that was returned from find_by_uuid.

Thanks for your reply. I saw there is a comment in the bug saying it's better throw out a warning instead of error message. So I'd change my fix to warning instead.

Zamir SUN
zsun fedoraproject org
zsun in #fedora-zh #openshift on freenode.net

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