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Re: Docker in OpenShift origin V4

Hi Dan,

Thanks a lot for response. Right now I have working installation of origin V4 in AWS. 
Have also worked with V3 before, but not sure how docker has been implemented in that, means can I deploy a docker container there like we deploy any other app? or for having docker in the same origin version we need to do manual configuration to get that working.


On Tue, Nov 11, 2014 at 7:55 PM, Dan McPherson <dmcphers redhat com> wrote:
Hi Priya,

  The naming is a little confusing.  But the V4 you refer to is milestone 4.  And milestone 5 will be the first one with Docker support.  Origin is being worked on currently for version 3 of the product and you can follow along/try it out here:



On 10/11/14 23:44, priyanka Gupta wrote:

I have gone through some blogs which talk about Docker Integration in Origin, was curious to know if its available as a part of origin V4, if yes how a docker image can be deployed in origin V4?


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