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Re: Chefs? Salters? Others?

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I work on the OpenShift Enterprise team, I just wanted to reiterate
what others have said and mention that with the OpenShift Enterprise
2.2 release we have provided documentation that covers installation
using the openshift_origin puppet module. We will continue to provide
maintenance in accordance with the lifecycle of OpenShift Enterprise
2.2 and we will ensure that all changes are compatible with Origin M4
through its lifecycle.

- --

On 11/18/2014 09:28 AM, Charles Simpson wrote:
>> From my perspective, OpenShift is only one part of our
>> infrastructure so
> moving part of it from Puppet over to Ansible is probably not going
> to happen. We're going to have to continue to maintain Puppet
> module(s) - it would be nice to have somewhere public that we could
> continue to share our code with. If it's not part of OpenShift
> "officially" (under the openshift GitHub group), we will mostly
> likely end up writing our own private modules since I can't argue
> that the public ones are "upstream" or "suggested by the vendor".
> -- Charles
> On Mon, Nov 17, 2014 at 12:09 PM, N. Harrison Ripps
> <nhr redhat com> wrote:
>> Hey Judd--
>>> On Nov 17, 2014, at 11:38, Judd Maltin <judd newgoliath com>
>>> wrote:
>>> Hey Folks,
>>> I was thinking of writing a chef cookbook for Origin v5.
>>> Anyone want to
>> collaborate out there, or is all the strength really behind
>> puppet?  Other config mgmnt tools also welcome!
>> Thanks for chiming in. Your timing is exceptional!
>> As it happens, I am really interested in having Origin M5 use the
>> same Ansible-based deployment tools that our ops team will be
>> using for OpenShift Online. I see two main advantages:
>> 1. Our community gets to collaborate with the OpenShift ops team.
>> Given that OpenShift Online is currently hosting two-million-plus
>> applications, I feel like this is a huge opportunity for us to
>> leverage their expertise.
>> 2. Rather than focusing our efforts on numerous different tools,
>> if we all get involved with this project, then we can focus our
>> efforts on making it the most complete solution it can be.
>> I don't want to dissuade you from doing similar work in Chef or
>> Puppet. That said, my vision for the new version of oo-install
>> that will accompany Origin M5 is one that uses this Ansible
>> playbook:
>> https://github.com/openshift/openshift-online-ansible
>> Thanks again for reaching out. Happy to chat with you more about
>> this on the list or on IRC; I am user 'nhr' on FreeNode,
>> #openshift-dev channel.
>> --Harrison
>>> Either way, what repos are folks doing their work in, so I
>>> might help
>> out.
>>> -judd
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