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Events now part of origin

0.5.0 Kube (and our slightly pre 050 rebase) has most of the work necessary to support event logging from system components like the kubelet and the scheduler back to the master.  That will be used for actionable behavior and feedback loops (pod can't be scheduled because all the nodes are down, etc).

I recommend everyone maintaining a subsystem with a controller (build, deploy, images) or adding a subsystem with a controller (source code, node, etc) look through https://github.com/GoogleCloudPlatform/kubernetes/blob/master/pkg/client/record/event.go and start to think about what sorts of events might be relevant for your subsystem.

Remember, events are targeted at humans (app admins or infra admins) or machines (other services within the system).  Administrators should be able to eventually write simple monitoring tools that trigger system reactions based on events (using the cli or api directly).  Events are the current mechanism for backpressure (reducing upstream activity based on downstream congestion).  Events are *not* an RPC mechanism or guaranteed delivery subsystem message bus.

If declarative state and our watch APIs are the arteries of the system, the event subsystem is the veins carrying important info back to higher level components.

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